Textile Conveyor Belt:

Our company is established in 1999 in Ahmedabad. today it become one amongst the far-famed manufacturers and exporters of fabric transfer belts for paper mill wood process, and cement plant and particularly conveyor belt for textile industry.

We offer conveyor belts used in textile industry as per necessities and specification of consumers. as a result of the support of our glorious team of diligent and full-fledged professionals we offer selection vary of industrial textile conveyor belts. Conveyor belts for clothing industry needed in varied manufacturing process of cloths like coloring, fusing and alternative processes.

These conveyor belts are fictional from best possible materials with highest standards of quality accomplishment. we have a tendency to used artificial materials slike polyester, cotton, EP for conveyor belt tensioning ply and polyamide for the weave. this sort of fabric is appropriate for prime stress absorption and impact resistance.

Characteristic of our Textile Conveyor Belt are given below:

1) Textile conveyor belts with oil and grease resistant covers.
2) Modular system with heat control Isolation layer
3) Long lived conveyor belt
4) Resistance to Chemicals              
5) High Tensile Strength 
6) With dirt repellent cover.
7) High dyeing efficiency