Recycling Conveyor Belt :

The solid waste is become huge environmental downside in today’s world in recent years. resolution of this downside is recycling. conveyor belt are wide used in recycling industry. Our company is specially designed in manufacturing Conveyor Belts for recycling and maintenance free operation in hostile environments.

Recycling Conveyor Belt manufacturer india

We have over ten years of expertise in exporting and supplying recycling conveyor belts for recycling systems. we provide kind of conveyor belts with completely different sizes and cargo capability used in recycling industry. They're usually used as an alternate of pricey turnkey systems.

The conveyor belts used in recycling that we have a tendency to export are made up of high grade raw materials as per international norms. we fabricate recycling conveyor belt for transference system that permits versatile routing, that is very appropriate for recycling plants.

We provide these belts in varied materials like nylon, plastic, steel and poly urethane that are employed in the recycling business of plastic, tyre, paper, wood or e-scrap. Our inseminated materials permit a high transverse rigidity, a high mechanical strength and an honest stability at high belt speeds.

Excellent properties of conveyor belts in recycling industry are :

1) Abrasion resistant qualities
2) Heat resistant qualities
3) Oil and grease resistant quality
4) Fire resistant quality
5) Extreme duty
6) Proven reliability
7) Low maintenance
8) Low Downtime