Cement Conveyor Belt :

We are trustworthy supplier and exporter of conveyer belt, Conveyor Belt Supplier employed in cement industry. Our firm is outstanding manufacturer of Belts famed for strong structure and longer service life that finds wide application in numerous industries across the world.

This conveyor belt for cement industry, Conveyor belt Manufacturer,has some wonderful edges like system is straightforward maintenance, wont to transfer granular material and prepackaged stuff, wide utilized in mining, science and industry, easy structure however latest technology, with high transfer capability and standardized parts.

Manufacturing method starts by mining of stone that unloads into the stone crushers mistreatment belt. once crushing, stacking and reclaiming of stone into crushers it sent to the raw mill hoppers and here it's admixture with raw coal that is sent by another industrial conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt is employed in each stage of cement manufacturing method like mining, crushing stacking & reclaiming of sedimentary rock, crushing stacking & reclaiming of coal, raw meal drying/grinding & blend, clinkerisation, cement grinding & storage and finally in packing.

In cement plant conveyer belt venting is vital, as a result of every in location wherever material is transferred onto a belt conveyor should be properly ventilated in order that our company offers extremely emission conveyer belt for cement plant needed in any troublesome state of affairs.

  • Unique properties
  • 1) Highly Durable
  • 2) Less friction coefficient is created.
  • 3) Simple in Design
  • 4) Provide long life
  • 5) Resistance to Chemicals
  • 6) High Tensile Strength
  • 7) Easy Maintenance
  • 8) With dirt repellent cover.